Duo Mong presents a new project

Duo Mong presents a new project about Tatar classical composers! Tatar classical music is a mixture of oriental motifs, pentatonic and classical forms, genres and rules. Tatar music is very beautiful, but unknown outside Tatarstan. Duo Mong's goal is to change that! In their new project, Yulia and Aliya talk about the Tartar composers and play their music.


Duo Mong on TV

On the 7th of June Duo Mong took a part in online Cultuurshow streamed by Parmando24Cultuur where they played and talked abot Tatar culture and music. The recording is now available on Youtube.

Nubim. Chapel of light

At the end of 2019 Aliya together with pianist S'Yo Fang has recorded the piece "From winter to summer" by Korean composer Nubim. Now the album "Chapel of Light" is available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Tatar classics

Duo Mong starts a new project about Tatar composers. Yulia and Aliya prepare serie of videos which will be dedicated to Tatar classical composers of the 20th century.